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Properly done teak plantations are socially and environmentally beneficial in addition to being very profitable


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We sell profitable land with trees plantations of palm oil trees, balsa, bananas, cocoa beans, eucalyptus, pine, rice, sugar cane, teak wood as well as shrimps and tilapia pools

Our humid tropical climate and good land for silviculture, makes teak trees grow fast, very lush and very large sizes, increasing their profitability in the medium term


All these Ecuadorian products are export from our country worldwide in large volumes, except rice and sugar cane that it has good local market. 

By example balsa wood (95% of world market), bananas (first world producer), cocoa, shrimps (first world producer) and tilapia (first exporter of fresh tilapia to USA market), all products from Ecuador, are consider 'the world's best'

The products that contributed most to the growth of foreign sales of Ecuador in 2010 were bananas and plantains (26.3%) shrimp (10.7%), fish (7.8%), flowers natural (7.7%) and cocoa (5.2%), detailed the Central Bank

The production processes and techniques developed by Ecuadorian companies for years have made these products favorites all over the world

Crude palm oil has a big demand for consume in China and India, as well like use in make Bio-diesel in European countries

Welcome investors and corporations that need to expand its portfolio, placing excess liquidity, funds, revaluate its assets, safe haven for your money without losses in the stock market and get own FSC certified forest

 We can also take care of your properties in Ecuador with management and field work such as mowing, weeding, fertilizing and doing maintenance work on the plantations. We offer complete technical and professional advice, farming technology for mass production and low cost of fresh fish and shrimps 

We give professional advice on the cultivation of cacao, palm, balsa wood, and teak

Logistic, electronic documents and exports there are very easy in this country, that it is nice and quiet, full of resources like water and good infraestructure at ports, airports, hotels, roads, etc.

Ecuador offers some of the best-value real estate in the world
Ecuador is the clear winner in our cost of living category.
Why Ecuador is the World’s Best Retirement Haven?
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The plantation teak is Tectona Grandis the true teak that we have seen like floors, outdoor decking, furniture, solid doors and expensive decks for boats. 

We sell teak plantation farms: We do not sell shares, tittles, trees, acres of farm, parts, etc.

We sell whole land with teak trees and facilities that it will be register in your name or your company name in:

1) Public Notary.

2) Ecuador Government Office for properties.

3) Agriculture Ministry.

In this country it is free that any person (native or foreign) can be a legal owner of any Real Estate. And you can get to be an Ecuadorian ID citizen resident due your investment.

Teak decks are used outdoors


Teak trees are one of the best investments in the world: MONEY grows in trees!


The current strong demand of teak in China, Europe, India, Japan and USA markets make a very attractive business for investors.


Forest trees almost getting the balance point between the offer and demand in 2015. The woods are not renewable resources in the short term.


So, people that have forest plantation trees will get very high prices in the next years, that means very good profits of their investment.


Teak trees do not believe in stocks market, they grow and grow every day.


If you cut a 100 Hectares of teak plantation of 25 years old today, you will get 60.000 mature and big trees that sell value will be more than $ 6 millions dollars, only if you sell logs. If you process and sell in boards, decking, flooring, end products, you will get double or triple of that amount.


The South American teak has beautiful gold colour of the teak similar to the Asian teak and with beautiful veins. We believe that the availability and the quality of the teak of the Americas will continue improving as they are the handled plantations affluent begin to mature itself.



The plantations are the properties of tree farms. Its unique intention is to produce a viable money that makes the harvest on the period of the shortest time of only 25 years obtain the complete big trees to being of end item process.


Yields can be taken as they grow you also hoist them through some previous cuts and to the early cut to the 15 years. Other wood species need 40 to 60 years to obtain good results.


Teak (Tectona grandis) is one of the world's premier hardwood timbers, rightly famous for its mellow colour, fine grain and durability.


Teak logs from Ecuador


Originally from India, Myanmar, Laos People's Democratic Republic and Thailand, and it is naturalized in Java, Indonesia, where it was probably introduced some 400 to 600 years ago. In addition, it has been established throughout tropical Asia, as well as in tropical Africa (including Côte d'Ivoire, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, the United Republic of Tanzania and Togo) and Latin America and the Caribbean {Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador (since more than 50 years ago), El Salvador, Panama, Trinidad & Tobago and Venezuela}. Teak has also been introduced in some islands in the Pacific region (Papua New Guinea, Fiji and the Solomon Islands) and in northern Australia at trial levels.




Real Estate Ownership:

  • Continuing forest yields and profits, even after the first 25 year investment cycle is over
  • Inter-generational profit earning through land inheritance
  • Soil quality improvement through sustainable forest management practices
  • Constant land value appreciation due to the current worldwide shortage of quality land

Compensation of CO2 Emissions:

  • Only 1.48 hectare of tropical forest compensates for your lifelong carbon emissions
  • Additional income through carbon credits

Positive ecological and social impacts:

  • Habitat restoration for local flora and fauna, and for endangered species
  • Reduction of tropical soil erosion
  • Creation of a forest water reservoir with important filtering services
  • Direct contribution to global warming reduction
  • Creation of secure long-term employments in poor rural regions
  • Reduction of rural migration and impoverishment

Ecuador Government support:

  • Due the deforestion in the world (and in the country), our government help any private iniciative to seed trees.
  • They have programs to collaborate with all the initiatives of sowings of: Balsa, eucalyptus, pine, teak specially, and other native woods.


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